Capstan Ag Systems, Inc. and BackStreet Media, Inc. have been in a working business relationship since 2011. BackStreet has participated in the development, layout and content on over twenty manuals for Capstan. Capstan and BackStreet have visited each other on several occasions in the past four years. With the support of BackStreet Media, in regards to manual development, Capstan has provided technical details, knowing the information would be arranged and expressed appropriately. BackStreet Media provides support, knowledge and respect when working with Capstan employees. As product manuals change and expand, BackStreet Media has embraced the challenge of a technology manufacturing company, and provided manuals for our products in a timely manner. There have been times, although rare, when a miscommunication or misunderstanding has occurred, on both Capstan and BackStreet Media’s end. Bob Orr has always been there to help straighten the situation out-quickly resolving any situation in an effective manner, without prejudice. Capstan looks forward to a continued business relationship with BackStreet Media.

— Director of Operations, Capstan Ag Systems, Inc. – Topeka, KS