Web Development

With all of the talk about the internet, no one wants to get left behind on the information superhighway. Websites have become very common among even the smallest of companies. If you are looking to expand your business outside of the local area, the internet can be the answer.  We can help you design and maintain a website that works for you.  From presenting your company, to selling and delivering products, a website can be an easy and inexpensive way to reach a whole new set of customers that were never before available to you.  Your products and services can now be right at their fingertips.

St. Isidore the Farmer Area Faith Community
Larson Associates, Inc.
Swift County-Benson Hospital
Chamberlain Oil
Technical Writing Group
Thielen Machine and Welding


The design team at BackStreet Media has the knowledge, talent and experience to develop and animate 3D models of your products to use in training materials, videos or on your website.

Display a product from any angle using unlimited variations on the camera angles to generate interesting perspectives or replicate isometric angles for a more technical illustration. Animate any type of movement or feature of a product such as gears turning, latches opening and closing or lights turning on and off.

Not all website development companies offer these advanced graphics and animation services. By illustrating your products in a unique and visual way, you can gain customers and differentiate your business from your competition.